Ted you really need to call at least twice a day because there are emergencies. 

Carol Lawrence-914-462-2215: Wants to talk about getting started on installation.

Tom Zacaroli-From livingston-Picked up two springs last saturday stopped by and said you quoted him a door and wanted to pick it up.  I told him you wearnt here.   And said we dont carry things in stock at this warehouse.  But we have an albany one. that does.

Jane @ Clopay 1800 526 4301 Ext 7221

Rondack Construction-  they wanted to put weather stripping on themselves but it was taken away. they want someone to drop it off.

Ray at c&R called Yesterday said it was an emergency.  DId you know you didnt give me a number to reach you at?

Bill from CLopay called.

RJ cAlled seemed like you knew him well, he just told me to tell you he called.

Zretick was picked up by Williams lumber they forgot their opener and ray took it there today.

John CLemens 18 tanglewood rd called in colonie 869-6204

John Mateo 869-3474 wants friday Hopefuly

Bruce Whitemen 392-3047

Garry 9h auto 828-7061

Peter Harvey 68 Harris Drive Valatie Cross from G Union 758-6580